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Backcountry Fly Fishing Adventures

If you want to experience the magic of rarely fished waters of the upper North Umpqua, you are with the right guide. I will take you to the places where mostly only wildlife has access to. We will be only on the public lands, and fly fishing is allowed year-around! Our trips are hike & wade, and are perfect for those who like to hike and experience the real wilderness and challenges in fly fishing. It can be for complete beginners and experienced fly anglers. 

Overnight Fly Fishing Packages

Take your backcountry North Umpqua fly fishing trip to the next level with an overnight stay. The best way to experience and enjoy backcountry fly fishing (hike & wade) is coming to the upper North Umpqua in the morning and camping for at least two nights. This is our recommendation. You will gain plenty of local knowledge about the water, hatches and techniques not to mention continually covering new water and fish.

About Your Guide 

Rusty Lininger

Hi! I’m Rusty Lininger and I want to take you places that are deep into the backcountry and seldom touched with a fly. The places I will show you are all public lands. No private land or “claimed” fishing holes, and no drift boat drama. This is an experience that you can enjoy again and again. I want to be your Raven, your guide. In Norse mythology, Odin has two ravens. They are his sight and thought. They are his scouts in this mortal world. And like his Ravens, I’ll show you a view of the Oregon wilderness that only a Raven can see.


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