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Upper North Umpqua

Waterfalls on the North Umpqua

Lemolo Lake

Lemolo Lake is a small but beautiful lake in the Umpqua National Forest 30 miles north of Crater Lake National Park, on the North Umpqua River. You can see Mt. Thielsen from the lake!

That’s me, Rusty!

I fell in love with these streams, lakes, rivers and especially remote areas of the upper North Umpqua River.

Catch-and-Release: Never a Dull Moment with the Moores

“Catch and Release”:

Never a Dull Moment with the Moores

Rusty spent a night at Frank and Jeannie’s place before meeting with Bjoern, a German journalist hiking and documenting the North Umpqua Trail (if you don’t know Frank Moore, he is a legend of fly fishing):

“When I arrive it’s always quiet. Usually I walk over and say hello to Frank’s pets in the casting pond. Then a quick look for hazardous trees.

Frank and Jeannie arrive and I’m immediately recruited for labor. Afterwards Jeannie puts together dinner and Frank finds the latest crossword puzzle. Good luck distracting him from the News Review’s puzzle section. Jeannie mentions something about a fishing net upstairs in case I need it, but I missed the reason why.

After we turn in for the night, I head upstairs. It isn’t until I’m upstairs in the bathroom, that I realize what Jeannie meant. A bat was residing in the apartment! Of course, the most opportune moment for a bat to appear is when I’m on the toilet, in a small bathroom with the doors closed. Multi-tasking on the pot is not easy.

After a few minutes of getting to know my new friend, he was eventually caught with the net. Although Frank’s recommendation was to “give it a couple of good whacks” (which was warmly received by my wife). My new friend was then released to hopefully provide entertainment for future guests…”